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Italian Décor

Home and garden decor featuring famous sites from one of our favorite places - Italy! Italian decor and accessories will bring a little bit of Italy to your home. Including plates, wall and kitchen clocks, oil bottles, wall art and more - add a little bit of Italy to your home!

Alcantara Italian Ceramic Collection
Antipasti Italian Pottery Collection
Italian Ceramics Collection - Fortunata
Italian Ceramics Collection - Zola
Italian Ceramic Collection - Limone
Tamara Hensick Inspirational Piece - Large Crown
Tamara Hensick Inspirational Piece - Small Crown
Vino Hand-Painted Wood Sign
Lavender Waffle Weave Kitchen Towel
Basil Kitchen Towel
Friends and Wine Italian Proverb Dishtowel
Italiana Olive Oil Kitchen Towel
Pasta Italiana Kitchen Towel
"Bella Cucina" Italian Dishtowel
"In Vino Veritas" Italian Proverb Dishtowel
"Mangia" Italian Dishtowel
Map of Italy Dishtowel
"Don't Talk, Kiss Me" Italian Proverb Dishtowel
"Chi Trova un Amico" Italian Proverb Dishtowel
Cucina Kitchen Towel
Rosemary & Olive Oil Kitchen Towel
Big White Wine Kitchen Towel
Big Red Wine Kitchen Towel
Red Wine Kitchen Towel
White Wine Kitchen Towel
Cabernet French Kitchen Apron
Sunflower & Green & Yellow French Apron
Antique Red Metal Stop Watch Wall Clock
Wooden Wall Clock
Old World Canvas Wall Clock
Tuscan Wine Collection Set of Four Antiqued Wine Label Tiles
Tuscan Wine Collection Glass Serving Platter - Montepulciano
Tuscan Window Wallpaper Mural
Rooster on Green Hook Accent Pillow
Captiva Gold & Silver Designer Rug
Jardine Designer Rug
Bellagio in Taupe Designer Rug
Leoni Filigree in Cream and Red Decorative Floor Rug
Odeon French Gold & Coral Decorative Accent Floor Rug
French Gold Antique Scroll Rug
Kingswell in Teal & Cream Area Rug
Rooster Toile in Green Wool Rug
Bloomfield Plaid Grey Area Rug
Antoinette in Teal, Brown & Taupe Area Rug
Claudia in Grey Area Rug
Antoinette in Grey, Silver and White Area Rug
Beacon Hill in Teal, Brown and Yellow Area Rug
Foothill in Ivory & Taupe Area Rug
Teal & Taupe Sebastian Area Rug
Wine Alcove Wall Mural
Wool Hook Area Rug - Millefleur in Sage
Tuscan Wine Collection
Vintage Oval Wall Clock
Orangina Vintage Ad Art Print Poster
Vermouth Martini Vintage Ad Art Print Poster
Vermouth Bianco Vintage Ad Art Print
Verona Italian Art Print Poster
Firenze Florence Italian Art Print Posters
Grafafoni Columbia Vintage Ad Art Print
Florio S.O.M Vintage Ad Art Print
Cinzano Vintage Ad Art Print
Isolabella Vintage Ad Art Print
Vermouth Dry Vintage Art Print Martini Ad Poster
Martini Vintage Ad Art Print Poster
Martini Jockey Art Print Poster
Red Wine Kitchen Towel
White Wine Kitchen Towel
International Wine Melamine Tray
Wine & Grapes Metal Silhouette Wall Art
Ceramic Paddle Cheeseboard, Grantham House
Italy Villas
Set of Four Vintage Vine Spreader Set
Floral Fantasia Art Glass Vase
Melograno Italian Pottery Collection
The Girasole Italian Pottery Collection
Frutta Italian Pottery Collection
Frutta Mista Italian Pottery Collection
Metal Crosses, Set of Four
Lemon Tree in Round Pot
Light and Dark Green Nested Tables / Stool (Outdoor Safe)
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